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The student campus Hawkshead

The new student village at RVC has been ready for about a year now and it is time that we introduce you to the new campus called Hawkshead.


The houses themselves look pretty cool. The foundation is made of bricks but with a top built out of wood you get this warm, nature feeling. Strangely looking windows and air wents have been used though and they have been known to get stuck once in a while.

Looking out from inside one of the rooms
Looking out from inside one of the rooms

There are about 10 rooms on any given floor and there are 4 floors.


There is, of course, a large sized kitchen that is shared. In here you’ll find all the cooking things you might need to make yourself a killer breakfast, lunch, dinner, or night snack. Might be crowded at certain peak hours though and you might have to fend for your cooking time with a steak knife! Luckily, there are an extra 2 spots for cooking on the stove.

clean toilet
A well-designed bathroom with shower and toilet

Going into the room there is a simple long hallway with nothing fancy at all in it. When you get into the room you’ll have a bathroom on your direct right or left side. These are very high-quality with full wall and floor tiles and modern design.

The bedroom/room
The bedroom/room and what fits inside

The rooms are somewhat small but fit a 90cm bed, a working desk, some shelves, a tv, and an extra chair without it feeling too crowded.

Virtual video tour


If you’re claustrophobic then these might not be the best places for you to live. But that would probably go for all dorms and campuses alike. They are spacious enough and the shared areas are nicely designed, I do feel that a bit of color could have been in its place here instead of the overly depressing gray.

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Travelling around Campus – Is a hoverboard a good idea, or even legal?

A problem in the world of study is the ability to get around campus easily. There are numerous buildings on some campuses and the size of some campuses like the one in Nottingham is insane, according to Wikipedia Nottingham has the 9th biggest campus in Europe. Hence the reason you can often see workers like groundskeepers, on these campuses, using golf carts in order to move around efficiently. But for a student on a low budget, this isn’t really an option since the cost of a golf cart is about $2,000 and up.

Getting around on a hoverboard

But there are options that are less expensive, like a hoverboard for example, or perhaps an electric scooter. Both of these are viable options which should solve the problem of getting from point A to point B with ease. A bet is that this way of travelling around campus probably is a lot more fun than walking too, but you might end up lazy. There are a few things to keep in mind though and a big question mark is if it’s even legal to ride them there. Electric scooters have been around for quite some time, but the hoverboard first breakthrough  was in the summer of 2015 and it became a mess pretty quickly. Over a couple of months, people started to report batteries that overheat and even though there haven’t been any explosions there have been reports of fires something that should be taken into consideration. Authorities were eager to get this new device off the street and started to implement legal action against them.


Even though times have changed, and the hoverboard is considerably much safer than it was when it first appeared. There are many good choices of brands these days which should never be able to implode or overheat due to the new safety standards put into place. The hoverboard would be a perfect gadget to help people out in their daily life. As most of us students know, time is of the essence and saving a few minutes here and there could easily add up to hours of extra time over for studies in just a couple of weeks. We who go to universities know how important it is to do your study and that is also true when it comes to hoverboards. Make sure you read the latest guidelines about safety and if you are thinking about buying one you should first do your study, and read some hoverboard reviews before making it final.

Still, the biggest question lingers.

Is it legal to ride a hoverboard on campuses

In January 2016 the hoverboards were banned from all campuses across the UK due to the hazardous risk of fires. Everyone who lived or worked on campus, whether it be teachers or students, they were asked to respect the community and leave these new devices at home. Yet here we are in the late 2016 and there are many hoverboard-users riding around campuses across the UK with ease. Not to say that they have been declared as safe and you should definitely respect the rules of your campus. But authorities have softened up a bit when it comes to people using these devices for commute or as basic transportation. Just remember to have proof of accurate CE certificates and preferably a UL  Certificate since they have taken forth a whole section of new tests, in order to prove the hoverboard is actually safe to use.

The Importance Of Time Management – For Academic Success In Students

For academic growth in students, the significance of time management should be emphasized. University students have very hectic and demanding lives as they have to complete assignments, attend classes and prepare for their examinations. Apart from their studies, they have to do the day to day routines and balance between extracurricular activities and academic work.

To do all these activities time becomes a constraint. This is where good skills for time management come into play. Time management is a talent that every student has to acquire. They must take the essential steps and plan their approaches to be successful and more fruitful.

Plan ahead:

If you possess these qualities, the students will be able to prioritize future events and assignments and plan ahead. This is a fundamental quality in keeping understudies organized and maintains a strategic distance from shilly-shally, which in the long run prompts achievement in their scholarly try.

Managing your time:
If you manage your time efficiently so, you can accomplish all that you want to attain. Students have to keep one thing in their mind that is to do their daily work and not to accumulate till the deadline. If you can understand the importance of time management well then you will accomplish success in no time.

In a student’s demanding routine time management can be very helpful. If students learn to manage the time well, then they could be focused, prepared and organized to finish academic assignments on time and handle their daily routines. Comprehending the importance of time management is an incredible talent that every student has to acquire and it leads to greater success.

Change their habits:
After they understand the significance of time management, students must change their routine. To do this, you need to identify your problems and start prioritizing your work and time efficiently. Time management in student also makes sure that you organize your commitments by precedence. This can also make you more organized in your academics.

Another thing you can do to achieve this time management skill to set goals for yourself and begin working on it. By this, you will get greater satisfaction and accomplishment.

Procrastination is another attitude among students where they need to change themselves. Students should learn how to space their work and time to achieve academic success in life. If students are disciplined and motivated, their skills of time management will get better with practice.

The Boarding School Life Experience Is Enriching

The kind of enriching environment unavailable elsewhere maintains the appeal of boarding school life. Even excellent day schools, cannot match the atmosphere of this type of setting. In this venue, diverse activities allow boarders the opportunity to boost their own maturation and personal individuality. Independence, leadership and the ability to work as a team are created as students interact and are housed together before experiencing the same at college.

This uncommon alternative appeals to parents who want a college preparatory experience for their children that develops their whole person. In this environment, learning is an all day reality. More flexibility is available today as a student can board during the week as well. Full time residence is no longer the only option. The same school may offer both choices. Boarders find the extended length of their studies and the structure of this situation most beneficial. The increased duration of a school day simply enables more to be accomplished.

Senior students appreciate the academic focus that comes from being away from home. By enforcing structure and eliminating distractions they can optimize what they are able to achieve. However, different ages are able to study here, depending on the institution. In some cultures, youngsters spend most of their childhood and adolescence in such schools.

Most often high school period is spent in such a setting in the United States. Some institutions offer an additional year after graduation as a college preparatory period. Typically, foreign students make use of this opportunity to prepare for American colleges and their culture.

An examination of more than 5,000 attendees in thirteen Australian institutions of this type has revealed that those who stayed overnight were more goal oriented and academically motivated. There was reduced absenteeism relative to pupils who stayed at home. Students who stayed overnight were no different from those who stayed at home in their emotional condition. Australia has more than 150 such schools.

Although there is a long history of this type of learning atmosphere, improvements have been introduced in the modern period to extend its availability and appeal. It has been found that increasing costs are not dimming enrollment in England. In the region which has inspired global imitators, its reputation overseas remains as a preeminent location. Schools here continue to welcome more pupils from rising economies. Unchanging levels of enrollment may also be the result of financial aid provided to bring diversity to the student population. Pupils who have benefited praise their opportunity to enjoy its benefits.

Time has not stood in the services provided therein. Major evolution has gradually been visited upon this mode of education. Most noticeable to older graduates is the improvement in the facilities. Even elite institutions such as Eton have substantially improved and modernized their services. They allow more family contact and their atmosphere is more noticeably warm than earlier conditions. Should parents desire, they may be in daily touch with their offspring. Flexible boarding arrangements are available, if it is desired that housing be on demand. Educators here consider their purpose to be to educate the person, beyond the confines of the classroom.

The lasting draw of such an institution reveals that time has not diminished the perception of the advantages it offers. Reputable schools have seen their reach expand to new markets. Their innovations have made them accessible to a more extensive cross section. Ambitious parents will be pleased how their children expand their potential through the stimulation offered by boarding school life.


Help your exam preparations by adopting IELTS writing Tips?

Student all over the world writes the IELTS examination for the simple reason that it is one of the best tests for English. IELTS writing tips give you the edge when you are preparing for these tests. It is commonly recognized that the students will belong to one among two classes depending on choice as those appearing for General Training and those who want Academic paper for their test. The modules prepared for the students appearing in the separate sections will have speaking-listening modules same during different reading-writing modules.

It is imperative to understand the test format and follow whatever instructions you are given in the course of writing the examination. IELTS writing tips tell students should divide their time and answer within the time so that they can utilize all the time in the proper manner. Tests will be conducted in all the four parts listening, writing, reading and speaking and one need to be well prepared in all these to tackle the tests confidently. One could, of course, prepare the firm line that one has skills in but then many people disagree with this IELTS writing technique.

Many of the popular methods of preparations and IELTS writing tips can be found in the course material supplied by the exam organizing committee. The main thing is to be confident since this will speed you up considerably. There are IELTS writing tips that tell you how to practice using model papers and answer questions several times to find how to answer and also to find how well you answer the questions.

The use of the IELTS writing tips is multidimensional, and so one needs to be thorough with the different methods that are given and then make the strategy to solve them. The question needs to be answered quick, and if you allocate the time at the start, you will know whether you are on time or not. Even in papers, you know the pattern of you will need to allocate the time incorrect manner to succeed. Students can log into the site of test center and see IELTS writing tips for themselves. It is from the site that one may get the best way to reach the examination center.

One could learn a lot about how to avoid wasting time on irrelevant questions and the exact method one should adopt in answering questions from the IELTS writing tips which are handed out by the people who have already appeared for the examination. If you feel you are slowing down, take a look at what you have finished and see if the time given is adequate. The pattern of questions and answers may change with time so be ready to tackle the papers that look a little different also. The grades that are obtained by the students serve as a criterion for determining the abilities of the person about tackling problems and understanding situations in an English-speaking environment.

The IELTS exams serve the purpose of grading for the student who wishes to learn more and also for the employee who is seeking to get employed in English speaking regions around the world. The ESOL University Examinations Cambridge and similar institutions conduct these examinations. There are many institutions which depend on these grades to make their choice of the candidate in their institution. The exams will be conducted every month four times, and every year 48 times for the students. One may make any number of attempts either to pass the test or to improve the grading that one has obtained. It is to improve the grades that students take another try at the tests. Many scholars, research scientists, and students in their final year are given awards if their final year thesis contributes anything towards the improvement of the procedure for testing of English language.

Instruction from the several official at the exam center and they will guide you. The best way to keep your morale high is to arrive on time. One may choose the best option from the number of questions that are given. To choose from one of the 800 test centers in the world is child’s play.

Why Study Surf Science At University?

If you’re looking for a career with a difference there is now the option of going to university to study surf science. Plymouth University now offer courses in this subject and it turns out it comes with quite lucrative job opportunities.

Of course, everyone knows that surfing is big business in Australia. With a massive coastline facing open seas, they are treated to some of the best surfing waves in the world. However, surfing has also caught on as the sport of many around the world. Surf clothing alone is a massive industry with shops springing up in the most unlikely places.

There is a stereotypical lifestyle associated with habitual surfers; one of the laid back, jobless, shorts wearing scruffy haired young person that spends all his days riding the waves and saying things like ‘Yo dude’. In reality, surfers are of mixed ages and sexes, who are very particular about their surf clothing and who usually hold down very good responsible jobs.

The fact that it is now possible to go to university and study your favourite pastime means you can combine your job and your hobby and who could ask for more?

Whilst on this course there will be numerous opportunities to get your surf clothing wet but it’s not all about riding the waves. There are many factors to this course that will benefit the wider community and future generations.

For example, environmental science is one aspect of the surfing course. This involves the study of the impact humans have on the environment and the aquatic ecosystems. They are also involved in devising ways to minimise the negative influences of this impact and ensuring the positive ones. This study is beneficial to the whole of human kind and says a lot more about your common surfer than their concern over surfer’s hair!

Meteorology is another vital aspect to the course. Focusing on the Earth’s atmosphere and weather trends, the more people that understand this, the more people there will be to predict weather extremes and environmental changes that need to be implemented.

Covering a diverse range of subjects from marine organisms and ocean currents, waves and plate tectonics, students will get a chance to wet their surf clothing with these practical and theoretical studies.

Biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology and physics all come into play here and make all science dynamic and interesting as well as having the knock on effect of finding new ways to protect our planet for future generations.

One of the more complex subjects covered in surf science will be physiology – the study of physical, mechanical and biochemical functions of living organisms. This will show students the effect that one organism can have over another, the interaction between carious organisms and how we can help or hinder to the advantage of the planet.

In an unexpected branch of surf science comes the study of psychology. This is the closer inspection, in an attempt to understand, the mind processes behind actions of living organism, namely humans. Maybe they could study why scientists cannot come up with something better than wrapping ourselves in super clingy surf clothing that refuses to budge at the end of the day?

If, at the end of the day, you still want that ultra laid back life style, you could always use your degree to work in surf clothing, either in the design, manufacturing or retail sectors or apply your knowledge to surf board design. Either way, a course of surf science can only benefit yourself and the environment, if all it leads to is a better understanding and more consideration.

How To Find Money-Saving Tips For Students.

The importance of Student Debt Help

Spending time at university is just about the most effective things anybody can do for his or her foreseeable future job prospects, but unfortunately it is usually something which leaves all students with serious debt problems and huge levels of stress for years to come.

The Uk Student Debt Problem is Becoming More serious

For a long time it is often noted that students at British universities are actually struggling with unreasonably large debt figures, yet the issue only appears to be getting worse. Recent studies have proposed that UK uni students rack up over ?5,000 of debt for each year of studying that they undertake, and are often financially crippled by this burden years later once they start to work and generate income.

Much of this is obviously as a result of motivation of banking institutions to lend money to individuals they see as their future big earning, high flying customers, however ever higher student fees is the factor which implies that many people are forced to borrow in order to pay the bills in their uni years.

2010 research as well exposed that nearly all parents assume that their kids will end up with a considerably smaller debt than is the situation, whilst almost one in ten actually feels that there’s a possibility of their kids finishing their university studies with no debt at all.
Clearly this means that many students refrain from showing their parents about their money worries for fear of frustrating them or of being charged with wasting their money needlessly.

Assistance is Available for Students to prevent Big Debt Issues

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that running up huge debts is one thing which cannot be prevented or that there is no chance to prevent spending years paying off the amount owed as opposed to taking pleasure in your first few years of earning a good salary. Student debt help is available for those people who like to stay away from the university debt trap and also learn with out suffering economically.

As with every types of financial advice, the key with student debt help is to consider it within the proper time, instead of carry on letting things spiral out of control. Obtaining good, solid guidance and practical help immediately can limit the financial problems as well as emotional stress which comes from owing quite a bit of money which appear impossible to repay.