The student campus Hawkshead

The new student village at RVC has been ready for about a year now and it is time that we introduce you to the new campus called Hawkshead.


The houses themselves look pretty cool. The foundation is made of bricks but with a top built out of wood you get this warm, nature feeling. Strangely looking windows and air wents have been used though and they have been known to get stuck once in a while.

Looking out from inside one of the rooms
Looking out from inside one of the rooms

There are about 10 rooms on any given floor and there are 4 floors.


There is, of course, a large sized kitchen that is shared. In here you’ll find all the cooking things you might need to make yourself a killer breakfast, lunch, dinner, or night snack. Might be crowded at certain peak hours though and you might have to fend for your cooking time with a steak knife! Luckily, there are an extra 2 spots for cooking on the stove.

clean toilet
A well-designed bathroom with shower and toilet

Going into the room there is a simple long hallway with nothing fancy at all in it. When you get into the room you’ll have a bathroom on your direct right or left side. These are very high-quality with full wall and floor tiles and modern design.

The bedroom/room
The bedroom/room and what fits inside

The rooms are somewhat small but fit a 90cm bed, a working desk, some shelves, a tv, and an extra chair without it feeling too crowded.

Virtual video tour


If you’re claustrophobic then these might not be the best places for you to live. But that would probably go for all dorms and campuses alike. They are spacious enough and the shared areas are nicely designed, I do feel that a bit of color could have been in its place here instead of the overly depressing gray.

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