Travelling around Campus – Is a hoverboard a good idea, or even legal?

A problem in the world of study is the ability to get around campus easily. There are numerous buildings on some campuses and the size of some campuses like the one in Nottingham is insane, according to Wikipedia Nottingham has the 9th biggest campus in Europe. Hence the reason you can often see workers like groundskeepers, on these campuses, using golf carts in order to move around efficiently. But for a student on a low budget, this isn’t really an option since the cost of a golf cart is about $2,000 and up.

Getting around on a hoverboard

But there are options that are less expensive, like a hoverboard for example, or perhaps an electric scooter. Both of these are viable options which should solve the problem of getting from point A to point B with ease. A bet is that this way of travelling around campus probably is a lot more fun than walking too, but you might end up lazy. There are a few things to keep in mind though and a big question mark is if it’s even legal to ride them there. Electric scooters have been around for quite some time, but the hoverboard first breakthrough  was in the summer of 2015 and it became a mess pretty quickly. Over a couple of months, people started to report batteries that overheat and even though there haven’t been any explosions there have been reports of fires something that should be taken into consideration. Authorities were eager to get this new device off the street and started to implement legal action against them.


Even though times have changed, and the hoverboard is considerably much safer than it was when it first appeared. There are many good choices of brands these days which should never be able to implode or overheat due to the new safety standards put into place. The hoverboard would be a perfect gadget to help people out in their daily life. As most of us students know, time is of the essence and saving a few minutes here and there could easily add up to hours of extra time over for studies in just a couple of weeks. We who go to universities know how important it is to do your study and that is also true when it comes to hoverboards. Make sure you read the latest guidelines about safety and if you are thinking about buying one you should first do your study, and read some hoverboard reviews before making it final.

Still, the biggest question lingers.

Is it legal to ride a hoverboard on campuses

In January 2016 the hoverboards were banned from all campuses across the UK due to the hazardous risk of fires. Everyone who lived or worked on campus, whether it be teachers or students, they were asked to respect the community and leave these new devices at home. Yet here we are in the late 2016 and there are many hoverboard-users riding around campuses across the UK with ease. Not to say that they have been declared as safe and you should definitely respect the rules of your campus. But authorities have softened up a bit when it comes to people using these devices for commute or as basic transportation. Just remember to have proof of accurate CE certificates and preferably a UL  Certificate since they have taken forth a whole section of new tests, in order to prove the hoverboard is actually safe to use.

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