Why Study Surf Science At University?

If you’re looking for a career with a difference there is now the option of going to university to study surf science. Plymouth University now offer courses in this subject and it turns out it comes with quite lucrative job opportunities.

Of course, everyone knows that surfing is big business in Australia. With a massive coastline facing open seas, they are treated to some of the best surfing waves in the world. However, surfing has also caught on as the sport of many around the world. Surf clothing alone is a massive industry with shops springing up in the most unlikely places.

There is a stereotypical lifestyle associated with habitual surfers; one of the laid back, jobless, shorts wearing scruffy haired young person that spends all his days riding the waves and saying things like ‘Yo dude’. In reality, surfers are of mixed ages and sexes, who are very particular about their surf clothing and who usually hold down very good responsible jobs.

The fact that it is now possible to go to university and study your favourite pastime means you can combine your job and your hobby and who could ask for more?

Whilst on this course there will be numerous opportunities to get your surf clothing wet but it’s not all about riding the waves. There are many factors to this course that will benefit the wider community and future generations.

For example, environmental science is one aspect of the surfing course. This involves the study of the impact humans have on the environment and the aquatic ecosystems. They are also involved in devising ways to minimise the negative influences of this impact and ensuring the positive ones. This study is beneficial to the whole of human kind and says a lot more about your common surfer than their concern over surfer’s hair!

Meteorology is another vital aspect to the course. Focusing on the Earth’s atmosphere and weather trends, the more people that understand this, the more people there will be to predict weather extremes and environmental changes that need to be implemented.

Covering a diverse range of subjects from marine organisms and ocean currents, waves and plate tectonics, students will get a chance to wet their surf clothing with these practical and theoretical studies.

Biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology and physics all come into play here and make all science dynamic and interesting as well as having the knock on effect of finding new ways to protect our planet for future generations.

One of the more complex subjects covered in surf science will be physiology – the study of physical, mechanical and biochemical functions of living organisms. This will show students the effect that one organism can have over another, the interaction between carious organisms and how we can help or hinder to the advantage of the planet.

In an unexpected branch of surf science comes the study of psychology. This is the closer inspection, in an attempt to understand, the mind processes behind actions of living organism, namely humans. Maybe they could study why scientists cannot come up with something better than wrapping ourselves in super clingy surf clothing that refuses to budge at the end of the day?

If, at the end of the day, you still want that ultra laid back life style, you could always use your degree to work in surf clothing, either in the design, manufacturing or retail sectors or apply your knowledge to surf board design. Either way, a course of surf science can only benefit yourself and the environment, if all it leads to is a better understanding and more consideration.

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